Description of field of research:

Australia regularly suffers from bushfires. The most catastrophic bushfire happened in the summer of 2019-2020, causing millions of hectares of burnt forest and bushlands, according to WWF*. Constantly monitoring the bushfire situation is critical to the local government and Fire & Rescue team so that they can immediately react and protect the lives and properties of residents. Deploying a sensor network to monitor the development of bushfires seems easy but getting the data collected from the network is the problem, and the reason is simple - these areas are remote and with almost no access to communication technologies (e.g., base stations for cellular networks). 

Fortunately, satellite-based communication provides a perfect solution to the problem. In this project, you will design and prototype a communication system integrating the state-of-the-art IoT sensor network with satellite communication modules. Hopefully, your system can help the local community save their beloved home and family.


Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering

Research areas

IoT, Satellite Communication

In the early stage, this project will be mostly conducted in labs for background research, initial design prototype build-up, and preliminary tests. Then, the prototype will be tested in outdoor environments.

A prototype communication system integrated with an IoT sensor network and satellite-based module.