Description of field of research:

Most Australians do not have a digital will or a digital executor, and few have considered the implications of what will happen to their data after their death. A digital will is a document that specifies how one's digital presence and assets should be managed after death. A digital will is more than a record of usernames and passwords. Existing solutions have security and usability limitations. In this project, we will conduct a targeted review of the security and usability limitations of third-party digital will solutions and use the identified limitations to develop an Android application that addresses the identified gaps. 


Computer Science and Engineering

Research areas

Cybersecurity, Online Privacy, Usable Security

The student will work closely with the supervision team in this project. This project is part of a larger and broader investigation by the research team towards this problem. There is the potential of extending this project into honours, master thesis, or PhD, depending on the student's background and skillset. Currently, the supervisory team of this project is primarily interested in the security/privacy aspects of the problem domain as well as developing usable tools/solutions.

Step 1, the project evaluates the usability of existing third-party "digital will" solutions such as

Step 2, the project involves identifying a set of requirements for developing a secure and usable digital will solution.

Step 3, developing a prototype Android application based on the requirements identified in Step 2. With all Steps combined, the work is expected to lead to a research paper publication.

Criteria (used for student selection): Student joining this project is expected to have good knowledge of cybersecurity basics with good grades in relevant courses. S/he must have a passion for learning about usable security (guided by the supervisory team) and be equipped with good programming knowledge to develop Android applications (prior experience developing nice front ends is a plus).