Description of field of research:

Lithium-ion batteries have been the subject of several incidents that have raised serious safety concerns. Thermal runaway, which can happen due to overcharging, is a possible cause of battery fires. Passive balancers are currently the most popular balancers used in battery storage systems due to their low cost. They can, however, contribute to battery heat, which can shorten battery life, and they only achieve balancing by wasting energy. As a consequence, the risk of fires is increasing. On the other hand, active balancing provides numerous advantages: (i) it improves capacity usage, (ii) it increases energy efficiency, (iii) lifetime extension, (iv) it improves the life expectancy of a cell.

This project will have you working on implementation of a novel autonomous active balancer circuit.

Research Area

Energy storage | Batteries | Battery management systems | Balancing

In a laboratory environment working to develop a hardware prototype.

A working prototype of active balancing circuit.