Biological signal/data collection is foundational to any research activity. We are developing a Bluetooth low energy based data-collection framework, that will work across different hardware sets and different micro-controller families (STM32, NRF52 etc).


Biomedical Engineering

Research Area

Embedded firmware | Biosignals

We have an STM32 and an nRF52 based bluetooth systems that are used for data collection of their onboard sensors. This project will aim to harmonise the firmware across both (and future systems) and enabling mesh-activity and streaming to a computer for data visualisation. 

  • Develop firmware for sensor aggregation based on existing codebase
  • Test out the firmware on data collection hardware (nrf52, stm32 based)
  • Enable visualisation via a Python GUI of multiple data streams
  • Test out the firmware in a laboratory setting
  • Tom Kulaga
  • Nigel Lovell