This project visualises insights into the "pulse" or "vibe" of the campus by analysing aggregate behaviours in usage of video, live stream, gaming, conferencing, GenAI, and other services. For example, we will visualise the trends in popular video streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, Stan, Prime, etc.), Live Streaming (Twitch, sporting games), Online Gaming (CS:GO, CoD, Fortnite, etc.), conferencing (Zoom, Teams, etc.), and GenAI (ChatGPT, Github Copilot, etc.), in terms of viewing patterns, and how they change by time-of-day, day-of-week, week-of-term. etc.


Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

Research Area

Telecommunications networks | Data analytics | AI

This project will be carried out in a vibrant group that includes not just PhD and honours-thesis students at UNSW, but also commercial personnel from UNSW spin-out Canopus Networks that is building truly disruptive network traffic analytics platforms. You will get to play with live network traffic, and your solutions will be tested and deployed in real operational networks.

Expected outcomes include:

(a) visualisation of application usage behaviours in the UNSW campus using data collected from network traffic analysis;

(b) development of new algorithms to extract insights such as changes in behaviours, spikes in usage, etc.

The UNSW research team has written many research articles which can be found at Prof. Sivaraman's website.