Description of field of research

This project aims to develop an integrated agent-based model of an agricultural supply chain from the production to consumption points, and to quantify the associated value chain costs, carbon footprint, and other environmental impacts. This model will be used to examine the impacts of various environmental scenarios such as adoption of circular economy in sugar industry, green transport network, and the establishment of a carbon market for the producers.

Research Area

Circular economy | Simulation | Agent-based modelling | Policy | Modelling | Environmental assessment tool

This project is one component of an active projects at the Research Centre of Integrated Transport Innovations (rCITI), at the School of Civil an dEnvironmnetal Engineering. The candidate will have a chance to collaborate with a multi-disciplinary research team from agricultural science, business analytics, economics and transport engineering fileds at the University of Queensland, University of Sydney and UNSW.  

The expected outcome will be an integrated strategic simulation model in Anylogic software, which will be used for long-term policies and infrastructure development pathway analyses under different scenarios for lowering the carbon footprint of one agricultural supply chain.