Climate change poses an imminent threat to both humanity and biodiversity. Australia, already grappling with arid landscapes and fragile ecosystems, faces severe impacts from climate change, exemplified by recent natural disasters marked by heightened frequency and intensity. Halting this trajectory demands a significant reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, aiming for net-zero levels. The Australian Government has taken a proactive step by unveiling AUSTRALIA’S LONG-TERM EMISSIONS REDUCTION PLAN, a comprehensive strategy spanning the entire economy with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. By 2030, Australia aims to slash emissions by 43% below 2005 levels.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Area

Develop a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis on a novel CO2 capture pathway recently developed by our research group.

The research will be based on Water Research Centre (WRC), CVEN. The student will be closely working with relevant industry partners under the supervision of A/Prof Min Zheng.

Outstanding candidate could be further funded to continue the topic to the next level. Conference opportunities could be provided if necessary. This project is a potential pathway to a PhD project.