Description of field of research:

The research pertains the testing, operation and characterisation of an amplifier chain designed to operate at cryogenic (below 1 kelvin) temperatures, and used for the real-time readout of solid-state quantum bits. The student will design and perform measurements to extract the noise performance of the amplifiers, and to estimate its fidelity and speed for reading out quantum bits.

Research Area

Quantum engineering

The team comprises 6 PhD students and 4 postdoctoral fellows. The main contact will be the supervisor (Prof Andrea Morello), but day-to-day supervision will be provided by some of the PhD students directly involved in the readout of solid-state qubits.


The expected outcome is the full calibration and operation of the first 3-MHz cryogenic lock-in amplifier, capable of reading out quantum information in 1 microsecond with high fidelity.

Relevant papers and background material will be provided to the successful applicant.