Daily Mobility and Time-use Data Collection using Smartphone App

Description of field of Research

The aim of this research project is to collect people's daily mobility and time use diary using a mobile application. As part of our team, you will get to design a mobility and time use survey and conduct a data collection. The data collection will be advertised through social media and you will be monitoring the data collection using an online dashboard developed by our team.

Research Environment

You will be supervised by Dr Amarin Siripanich and Assoc Prof Taha Hossein Rashidi. A desk can be assigned to you in one of RCITI labs at School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, UNSW Sydney. You may work remotely, if needed.

Expected outcomes

You will learn a range of skills including statistical analysis, survey design, programming, and data collection. Ideally, we would like you to be involved in writing a conference paper or a journal paper based on this project.

Research Material/Links

- Shankari, K., Bouzaghrane, M. A., Maurer, S. M., Waddell, P., Culler, D. E., & Katz, R. H. (2018). E-mission: An open-source, smartphone platform for collecting human travel data. _Transportation research record_, _2672_(42), 1-12.
- Aschauer, F., Rösel,, I., Hössinger, R., Kreis, H. B., & Gerike, R. (2019). Time use, mobility and expenditure: an innovative survey design for understanding individual's trade-off processes. _Transportation_, _46_(2), 307-339.
- Meister, A., Schoenduwe, R., Tirban, P., Winkler, C., Schmid, B., & Axhausen, K. W. (2020). TimeUse+: A multi-layered travel and time-use diary format. _Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs-und Raumplanung_, _1553_.
- https://github.com/asiripanich/emdash

Supervisory team
Dr Amarin Siripanich (a.siripanich@unsw.edu.au)
Assoc Prof Taha Hossein Rashidi