The problem considered by this research is how to coordinate a group of mobile nodes in a distributed manner in order to achieve maximal coverage of the area surrounding key assets. These nodes are multi-functional and may be used to provide sensor or effector functionality. It is assumed that there are a limited number of mobile nodes such that complete coverage of the surrounding area at any one time is not possible and nodes will be required to move between regions within the operational area. The project will involve designing suitable mathematical models of the problem and designing algorithms for optimisation and implementing prototypes.


Computer Science and Engineering

Research Area

Algorithms | Artificial intelligence

The project will involve working with members of the Algorithmic Decision Theory group.

This project will require the student to learn about recent developments in resource algorithms. Some algorithms which have not been implemented will be both implemented and tested by the student.

The expected outcome of the project will be a technical report which surveys the algorithms considered during the project as well as an understanding of some of the key issues involved in the field. One other major outcome will be implementation of some state of the art algorithms and evaluation of their relative performance over various metrics.