Description of field of research:

With the increasing awareness and concerns around privacy, many service providers are offering various privacy controls to their users. Through these controls, users gain greater authority over the collection, utilization, and dissemination of their personal information by the services. However, these controls may be buried deep within menus or settings, making them difficult for a user to access. Additionally, the terminology used to describe privacy controls can sometimes be confusing or technical, further complicating the user’s ability to understand and use them effectively. While many privacy controls have been proposed to protect user data on these sites, existing research tends to focus on individual controls rather than providing a comprehensive overview of the privacy landscape. This project aims to fill the gaps in existing literature by providing an analysis of four privacy controls, namely privacy nudge, privacy notice, privacy policy, and privacy setting, and evaluating their usability on websites (e.g., health and financial). Through the automated data crawlers, we intend to collect usability data/attributes (awareness, efficiency, comprehension, functionality, and choice) in three website visit scenarios. Next, we will design and develop user studies to understand the relationship between privacy controls and users perceptions towards them.

Research Area

Cyber Security | Human Computer Interaction | Privacy

Student will work closely with supervisor and other team members (one PhD student and one senior lecturer from University of Sydney). Student is also expected to meet weekly in regular meetings to discuss the progress.

Note for Committee: I already have an undergraduate student working with me on this project. Her WAM is around 85. We have also published one paper on Arxiv together. My plan is to keep that student working on this project so that we are able to submit it to conference after completing user studies part.

  1. Cause-Impact Relationship Modeling between privacy controls and user perception
  2. Analysis on the usability of privacy controls
  3. One research paper submission with the help of team
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