Biocatalysis; Enzyme; Cancer therpay


Chemical Engineering


Science Engineering Building, Level 2

Research areas

Biocatalysis | Enzyme | Cancer therpay

My research area focuses on biocatalysis technologies and their application on cancer therpay.

  1. Gain knowledge of fundamental experiments.
  2. Establish/close relationships with the supervisor and lab members.
  3. Enhance/improve operating and writing skills.

Dr. Jieying Liang and A/Prof. Kang Liang will co-supervise the students. Dr. Jieying Liang will discuss all experimental details with the students and hold regular meetings to solve any problems.

NHMRC Research Fellow Jieying Liang
NHMRC Research Fellow
NHMRC Career Development Fellow, Scientia Senior Lecturer Kang Liang
NHMRC Career Development Fellow, Scientia Senior Lecturer

[1] J. Liang, B. Johannessen, Z. Wu, R. F. Webster, J. Yong, M. Y. B. Zulkifli, J. S. Harbort, Y. R. Cheok, H. Wen, Z. Ao, B. Kong, S. L.Y. Chang, J. Scott, K. Liang. Regulating the Coordination Environment of Mesopore-confined Single Atoms from Metalloprotein-MOFs for Highly Efficient Biocatalysis. Advance Materials. 2022, 202205674.

[2] J. Liang, M. Y. B. Zulkifli, J. Yong, Z. Du, Z. Ao, A. Rawal, J. Scott, J. Harmer, J. Wang, K. Liang. Locking the Ultrasound-induced Active Conformation of Metalloenzymes in Metal-organic Frameworks. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2022, 144, 39, 17865–17875.