Description of field of research:

The aim of this project is to investigate inequity issues in the context of transport resilience, and then optimize transport resilience while considering equity.

Research Area

Transportation |
Traffic-related equity |
Ttransport resilience

You will be supervised by Prof. Dixit, Dr Nair and Tingting Zhang who works in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as within the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI). rCITI has recently been successful in 10 ARC Grants (1 LIEF, 5 Linkage awards and 4 Discovery), participated in an additional Discovery grant, participated in an NHMRC grant as well as obtained additional substantial support from transport agencies such as Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), Transport for NSW and the US Federal Highway Administration. Although rCITI is based in Civil Engineering, it has strong linkages and ongoing collaborations with researchers in humanitarian Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Built Environment, and the Faculty of Medicine.

Also, a desk can be assigned to you in one of the rCITI labs at the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, UNSW Sydney. You may work remotely if needed.

As part of our team, you will have a better understanding of existing equity issues in transport systems and get to identify potential ethical issues and metrics under resilience scenarios. Furthermore, you will learn a range of skills including optimization modelling, programming, and data collection. Ideally, we would like you to be involved in writing a conference paper or a journal paper based on this project.

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