Description of field of research

This project extends on from work done by Kilian Vos (former PhD Student) where he has mapped ~30+ years of bi-weekly shorelines around the entire Australian coastline using his CoastSat toolbox ( This provides unprecedented, high resolution, long-term data, to better understand Australia's coastline and how it as evolved over the past 30 years to variations in climate. 

This project focuses on the sub-discipline of Civil Engineering called Coastal Engineering and also utilises remote sensing techniques. 


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Area

Coastal Engineering; Remote Sensing

The student will be based at UNSW Manly Vale campus, located on Sydney's Northern Beaches. This campus is home to the UNSW Water Research Laboratory, a dynamic environment of roughly 70 staff that consist of academic researchers, PhD students, and consulting engineers. It is expected that the successful student will work at the lab alongside A/Prof Splinter and Kilian Vos as part of this project. Additional collaborators may include PhD Student Raimundo Ibaceta, who has done some initial analysis along the NSW coastline and Dr. Mitchell Harley. 

Expected outcomes include:

  • Scientific journal paper on the analysis of the data.
  • For the student - Enhanced skills in remote sensing, CoastSat, python/matlab, data analysis and critical report writing.
  • A/Prof Kristen Splinter
  • Kilian Vos

Github website for Coastsat:

The underlying approach of the CoastSat toolkit is described in detail in the following publications: