Description of field of research:

The common bluebottle, found on many Australian beaches during the summer, has a complex structure which includes a "sail" allowing it to use wind to move. Bluebottles can have left or right-handed sails, and these also contain many small features which might affect the aerodynamics.

Your project will be to help our team devise a method to gain the detailed geometry of a bluebottle, using 3D photogrammetry software, combined with our refractive index matching process to enable a detailed 3D geometry to be obtained. This model will then be used to 3D print a model for testing and to also obtain a CFD model to determine the effect of wind and current conditions on the trajectory.


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Research areas

Fluid dynamics, biology, animal motion, 3D printing, image reconstruction, photography

You'll be working with the VFD team ( who have expertise in fluid dynamics, imaging and 3D printing. We don't have much experience in modelling jellyfish just yet but you'll be helping us get there.

A detailed 3D geometry of the bluebottle and a 3D print of the model.