Description of field of research:

Emissive energy harvesting (EEH) represents the symmetric counterpart to conventional solar energy production, relying on the emission of heat from the Earth to the coldness of space rather than the absorption of the Sun’s light. In this project you will develop a test-bed for studying emissive energy harvesting devices, both in a laboratory environment and outdoors. There will be a focus on EEH devices based on radiative cooling materials.

Research Area

Renewable energy | Emissive energy harvesting | Radiative cooling

This project will suit a student who enjoys physics, electronics & photovoltaics/renewable energy, and is especially hands-on and keen to build their own experiments.

SPREE is leading the charge of developing next generation renewable energy technologies, including emissive energy harvesting which will allow for nighttime power generation using technologies similar to that in solar cells.

The student will learn hands-on skills in experiment development, as well as electrical testing of devices, and coding via LabView/Python. The developed test-bed will enable the study of radiative cooling materials for emissive energy harvesting.