Access to clean water, the essence of life, faces an alarming scarcity that poses a critical threat to humanity. Urbanization's surge and population growth have exacerbated the strain on clean water availability, heightening the imperative for wastewater treatment and recycling. Innovative green wall systems, representing on-site technologies for greywater treatment and reuse, hold immense promise. These systems offer an array of benefits to the environment, encompassing cooling, noise reduction, aesthetic enhancement, and more, while concurrently serving as a dependable alternative water resource. Yet, a formidable challenge emerges in the need to ingeniously engineer green wall systems capable of efficiently removing an extensive array of pollutants, including pathogens, nutrients, microplastics, and emerging contaminants originating from household chemical use, such as dyes, detergents, and personal care products.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Area

Water treatment | Nature-based solutions | Green infrastructure

Embark on hands-on research in the ongoing green wall initiative at the esteemed Water Research Laboratory (Manly Vale Campus). Gain experience in analyzing diverse pollutants in greywater and wastewater. Acquire essential chemical analysis skills in the well-equipped Water Research Centre labs (Kensington Campus). The student will be supervised by a team with an exceptional research competency coupled with an appreciated vision to achieve a global impact of their proposed research.

This research endeavor aspires to advance the design of green wall systems tailored for effective pollutant removal from greywater. As a participant, you will contribute to:

  • Elevating the efficacy of green wall configurations, optimizing pollutant removal efficiency.
  • Nurturing hands-on experience in wastewater analysis and chemical assessment.
  • Enhancing analytical proficiency within the cutting-edge facilities of the Water Research Centre.
  • Collaborating with a dedicated team of researchers, united by a commitment to creating a positive environmental footprint.
ARC DECRA Fellow / Senior Lecturer Kefeng Zhang
ARC DECRA Fellow / Senior Lecturer
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Professor and Managing Director, Water Research Laboratory Denis O'Carroll
Professor and Managing Director, Water Research Laboratory
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