Description of field of research:

Open cut coal mining is the main method to extract shallow, near-surface coal resources, which produces a large quantity of mine waste rocks over the life of mine. Those materials are usually disposed in-pit or out-of-pit dumps, which may create catchments for rainfall and runoff. Therefore, hydrological characterisation of mine waste dumps becomes a necessary requirement from mine construction to rehabilitation phases. This project aims to improve the hydrologic modelling of the waste dump and better estimate rainfall infiltration into and seepage from the dumps.


Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering

Research areas

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging | Solute transport modelling

The student will be working with relevant PhD students under the supervision of Dr. Yu Jing.

Successful outcomes of this project can be directly incorporated to the field-scale hydrogeological model of the open pits area, to design mine water drainage system, progressive rehabilitation and closure plan design.

Outstanding candidate could be further funded to continue the project further. Field trip and conference oppotunities could be provided if necessary. This project is a potential pathway to a MPhil/PhD project.