Description of field of research:

Occupational lung diseases such as silicosis and pneumoconiosis arise from inhalation of particles rich in oxidant generating materials such as crystalline silica and reduced iron minerals. As the incidence of these diseases is rising, additional understanding of the link between the nature of the inhaled particulates and resultant onset and progression of disease is required in order to develop appropriate prevention and treatment strategies.Its simplicity should enable verification of the sCP, extending seL4's assurance to the complete OS. This project is to investigate the use of SMT solvers to automatically verify the sCP implementation. The main challenges will be to formally specify the sCP API, and tweak the SMT problem, as well as the sCP implementation for verification to succeed.

Research Area

silicosis, pneumoconiosis, lung disease, occupational safety

The successful candidate will join a team of researchers involved in translating underpinning mechanistic understanding of bio-physicochemical processes to practical solutions to real world environmental problems.

  • The ToR candidate will be involved in laboratory based characterisation and toxicity assessment of samples obtained from coal mining and engineered stone operations.