Description of field of research:

This project is aiming at doing some early clinical testing of a prototype oral sensing platform for a novel sleep apnoea therapy. The mouth guard based oral sensing will be the patient monitoring platform. Available sensors include 2x microphones, SpO2, accelerometer housed on a Bluetooth based PCB with wireless charging house inside a mouthguard. Initial clinical testing of the sensing platform is critical to drive algorithm development as well as mouthguard design. Depending on the candidates interests strengths there is also scope for either an algorithm/firmware based project or a mechanical prototyping of the mouth-guard with 3d printing.

Research Area

Sleep apnoea

The successful candidate will be a part of a dynamic research team across GSBME (UNSW) and NeuRA, working with engineers, post-docs, PhD students across sleep physiology, electronics, firmware and mechanical design. There is scope for both firmware/algorithm design and/or mechanical design of an intra oral splint alongside preliminary clinical testing and data analysis. This project will be supported by the Tyree Foundation Institute of Health Engineering (Tyree IHealthE)

  1. Clinical testing and investigation of an intra oral splint with audio and SpO2 monitoring
  2. Analysis and inference of the data collected 3. Possible algorithm development/oral splint prototyping/3d printing

Will be provided to candidate upon commencement.