Description of field of research:

This project will develop an automated microscale bioreactor to manufacture genetically modified cells for use in human cell and gene therapy. Existing large-footprint machines require skilled staff and complicated multi-step procedures, resulting in prohibitively expensive treatment costs, limiting accessibility, e.g. a cure for some cancers with CAR-T cells is possible but available to few, costing up to US$0.5 million. We have developed microfluidic technology for miniaturising and simplifying cell manufacture which reduces cost. UNSW has partnered with Genesys, CSL and government (CRC-P program).

Research Area

Lab-on-a-chip | Microfluidics | Stem Cells | Blood

Project is well-funded, and includes facilities and personnel for developing and scaling manufacture of microfluidic devices. The group has 2 post-docs, 3 PhDs, and 4 design engineers.

  1. Fluid dynamic simulation of cell trajectories in microfluidic devices using Fluent/Comsol Multiphysics.
  2. Simulation of heat transfer to evaluate thermal control using thermoelectric devices using Fluent/Comsol Multiphysics.
  3. Simulation of manufacturing process using Fluent/Comsol Multiphysics.
  4. Developing software and firmware for control of Microbioreactor.