The project is centred on harnessing the potential of mmWave radar technology to achieve high-precision imaging. This advancement of mmWave imaging bears the potential to catalyze breakthroughs across diverse domains, ranging from autonomous driving and remote sensing to medical imaging.

This project strives to fully unlock the capabilities of mmWave radar imaging, thereby augmenting spatial resolution and precision. The inherent advantages of mmWave radar imaging, including its ability to penetrate various materials and its resilience against adverse weather conditions, contribute to its invaluable role in pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The project will progress by delving into signal modelling and simulation, innovating deep learning model design, conducting prototyping using readily available commercial mmWave radars, and performing on-site experimental validations.


Computer Science and Engineering

Research Area

mmWave radar | Wireless sensing | Edge AI

You will collaborate with a team comprising Postdoctoral fellows and PhD students who are actively immersed in research concerning mmWave sensing, mmWave imaging, deep learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

An embedded mmWave radar system capable of achieving ultra-high precision object imaging in real-time.

Contact or drop by K17 412-08 to discuss the topic. (Enquiries are encouraged).

Suggested reading: "A Survey of mmWave-Based Human Sensing: Technology, Platforms and Applications"