Sydney's ferries generate around 32,000 tonnes CO2-equivalent in emissions each year. Some studies say that this could be reduced by up to 10% through hybridisation.

This project will model a Sydney ferry and try to predict its fuel consumption. This model will then be used to determine the savings possible through hybridisation of the ferry fleet. Data will be gathered from real-world ferry journeys and used to validate the fuel consumption model. This project is a nice mix of practical data collection (sitting on ferries) and desk-based modelling work (likely in MATLAB/Simulink).


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Research Area

Emissions modelling | Hybridisation | Vehicle dynamics | Vehicle modelling | Sustainability | Public transport

I have weekly 30-minute meetings with my thesis and ToR students, as well as a bi-weekly group meeting where we share progress and help each other with debugging or other thorny problems.

  • A dataset containing GPS position and 6-axis measurements of ferry motions.
  • A computational model for estimating fuel usage of a ferry.
  • An extension to the model that allows for hybridisation using batteries.
Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Mechatronics
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