COVID-19 has been spreading all around the world and the widespread of its myths is affecting people's awareness of the real facts. In this project, we will take the microscopic Markov chain (MMC) approach and develop a coupled epidemic-myth-fact spreading model on a multiplex network to study and simulate the interplay between the spreading of epidemic and the propagation of myths and facts, where the epidemic spreads on the human contact layer and the myths and facts propagate on the social network layer. The model will be able to correctly reflect how the competing information (myths and facts) impact the propagation of epidemics.


Computer Science and Engineering

Research Areas

Modelling and simulation

The research team for this project consists of Dr Jiaojiao Jiang and Prof Serge Gaspers from CSE and an undergraduate student from UNSW. Dr Jiaojiao is an experienced researcher in the area of modelling information propagation on social media and Prof Serge has rich expertise in algorithms for computationally “intractable” problems from a large number of domains. We have multiple GPU workstations for research students to conduct experiments and collect real-world datasets.

The expected outcome of this project is a novel mathematical model that can model how myths impact epidemic spreading in a multiplex network.