Description of field of research:

Multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) radar has been shown to enhance the radar performance for detecting and estimating targets. Recently, we have also shown MIMO radar to be highly promising in permitting communications to be carried out while preserving the radar performance. This strategy is commonly referred to as joint radar communications (or dual function radar communications) and is aimed at alleviating the pressure on the available spectrum. This project will firstly develop the National Instruments MIMO radar and will then proceed to implement and experimentally verify some novel DFRC strategies.

Research Area

Signal processing

The team currently comprises one postdoc, three PhD students, as well as a number of undergraduate and postgraduate thesis students.

At the end of the project, the following outcomes are expected:

  1. The student would acquired knowledge and experience in radar and communications;
  2. The NI hardware would have been commissioned and verified;
  3. The software needed to operate the radar would have been developed; and
  4. Novel frequency-hopped MIMO radar DFR strategies would have been implemented and experimentally verified.

Relevant material will be provided prior to commencement of the project.