Description of field of research:

There is a high demand for mechanical engineers to develop and improve medical devices and to understand underlying biomedical fluid mechanics principals. During your Taste of Research placement you will have the opportunity to be exposed to a range of exciting new developments of medical devices and improvement of existing once. We for example work on vascular scaffolding stents, heart pump grafts, 3D printing realistic vessels, or immersive technology to assist heart surgery.

Research Area

Biomedical Flow and Devices

Your main contact is Dr Susann Beier, a young German biomedical engineer who has risen through the ranks quickly in the industry research sector and is now passionately running her own research group at UNSW. Her team is international across New Zealand and Australia and consists of PostDocs, HDR students, research assistants, international practicum, and research thesis students from many backgrounds including clinical, mechanical, biomedical, mechatronics, bioinformatics, chemical and materials.

You will learn a range of research skills including computational and experimental methods, how to effectively communicate and work in an interdisciplinary team. Ideally we would like you to be involved in some sort of output to showcase your learned skills, this may include an internal seminar or participation towards a conference presentation.