Description of field of research:

The traditional method to test the quality of milk inside a package (whether it is a carton or plastic container) is to open the package and draw a sample. This testing method is both costly and wasteful. It is also invasive and destructive. In this project, we will investigate a non-invasive and non-destructive method to determine the quality of milk in a package without opening it. This new sensing method will be based on the response to an electromagnetic excitation. In this project, you will be conducting experiments and analysing the data to better understand the performance and reliability of this new method. There is also some scope for theoretical work. The ideal student should have some background on electric circuits and electromagnetic, as these subjects will help the student to better understand the sensing method.


Computer Science and Engineering

Research areas

Novel sensing methods. Electrical circuit. Electromagnetic. Food safety. Non-invasive chemistry measurement.

You will be conducting your research within the Network and Ubiquitous Computing group at the School of Computer Science and Engineering. The research group has a number of projects on investigating novel sensing methods.

This project is sponsored by Sanitarium and the Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre.

An analyses of the new sensing method to determine its accuracy, sensitivity and repeatability.