Description of field of research:

Nuclear safeguards are the measures adopted by the international community and overseen by the International Atomic Energy Agency to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Part of nuclear safeguards is material accounting, which tracks and records inventories of all special fissile material or nuclear source material throughout internationally connected supply chains. Blockchain technology is well suited in this application. We are pursuing research to demonstrate the use of blockchain ledgers in nuclear regulatory systems, and to analyse the results of user trials. 

Research Area

Nuclear safeguards |
Blockchain |
Software development |

A small interdisciplinary team of nuclear engineers and software engineers.

Applicants with different and complementary experience will be well received.

Advances in our working PoC software, and results of testing. 

Please apply if you are interested in any/all of:
Developing blockchain applications, user testing and reporting, human centred design, analysing organisational change, project management, policy change, nuclear policy, nuclear security and safeguards, international trade in critical minerals.

Prior experience in financial accounting and Hyperledger Fabric is an advantage.