Transportation modelling is a fascinating field that's like a melting pot of mathematics, engineering, computer science, and even economics. It's all about figuring out how people move around in cars, trains, buses and on foot, and then using that information to make getting from point A to point B as smooth as possible. Researchers in this area play around with things like traffic flow, travel patterns and demand scenarios, using everything from basic mathematics to high end algorithms. This is all to make our cities more navigable, reducing those annoying traffic jams, keeping people safe on the roads, and helping the environment by cutting down on unnecessary travel.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Area

Transport engineering and planning | Traffic flow analysis | Travel behaviour and choice modelling | Reliability analysis

The research environment involved collaborative interdisciplinary work within the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (RCITI). This environment combines academic and industry expertise to advance integrated transportation solutions.

At the end of this project, we will have a solid framework for estimating the travel demand of road and rail networks when a new rail line is built. This is especially useful in urban planning and gives us confidence that our framework for the travel demand estimation is valid when another train line is built in the future.