Description of field of research:

One in four Australian households have installed solar panels. After 20-30 year lifetime, these panels will enter end-of-life and they need to be recycled.

Photovoltaic panels and are a source of valuable materials such as silver, copper and high purity silicon, glass and aluminium. They also contain hazardous components such as lead. These make end-of-life photovoltaic panels worthwhile both from a resource and environmental standpoint.

The student will closely work with SPREE PV Recycling team to develop innovative recycling processes using organic solvents. Students will chemistry / chemical engineering background is welcomed.

All the 60-day have to be completed prior to 28th February 2023.


Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Research areas

Photovoltaic Power Systems, solar cells, recycling.

The student is expected to work closely with Dr Rong Deng, Dr Anna Kuczynska- Lazewska, and a group of SPREE UG students to develop innovative recycling processes for end-of-life solar panels in the lab.

The undergraduate student can experience the research environment at SPREE and understand the basic skills needed to conduct more independent research.