With multiple efficiency records achieved, silicon heterojunction solar cells are considered one of the most promising candidates for high-efficiency solar cell technologies in mass production. However, the high manufacturing costs, particularly the material cost associated with low-temperature silver pastes in screen-printed contacts, have resulted in rather slow uptakes of heterojunction technologies in the PV industry despite their excellent performance.

This project will focus on ultra-low silver consumption in screen-printed heterojunction solar cells with newly developed silver-lean or silver-free paste materials.


Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Research Area

Photovoltaics | Heterojunction solar cells | Screen printing


Through this project, students will have access to world-class research laboratories in Tyree Energy Technology Building (TETB) and pilot production lines of silicon solar cells at Solar Industrial Research Facility (SIRF).

  • In-depth literature review to understand industrial-relevant metallisation technologies
  • Fabrication of silicon heterojunction solar cells with screen-printed contacts
  • Characterisations of finished heterojunction solar cells and optical and electrical performance of screen-printed contacts
  • Opportunity for conference/journal paper publication
  • Opportunity for thesis project/PhD program