As the complexity of quantum computer development grows, the need for efficient gathering of information on the characteristics of prototype devices increases [1]. A key challenge is the rate at which test data can be gathered due to the hinderances of thermal cycling cryogenic test setups.

Two solutions will be targeted;

  1. Automating the test process to increase the amount of useful data that can be gathered without human intervention, and
  2. Increasing the number of devices that may be tested within a given time period.

Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications

Research Area

Quantum, semiconductor devices, software

Quantum Lab (UNSW/Diraq)

The project involves developing control software for a novel cryogenic quantum device test setup. The test procedure for each device will be tailored to extract the optimal amount of information within a restricted test cycle time. Stretch goals for the project will include the development of data processing techniques to also enable advanced characterisation and tune-up of quantum devices.

[1] Paquelet Wuetz, B., et al. "Multiplexed quantum transport using commercial off-the-shelf CMOS at sub-kelvin temperatures." npj Quantum Information 6.1 (2020): 43.

Computer Science