Description of field of research:

The APVI's SunSPoT tool enables households and businesses to understand the benefits of deploying rooftop solar. It combines techno-economic analysis of energy consumption, electricity tariffs and solar installation costs, with assessment of potential solar generation (based on LiDAR data analysis of rooftop orientation, tilt and shading) to calculate economic outcomes and make bespoke solar system recommendations. The tool is being redeveloped with a new user-friendly interface and improved functionality for deployment across Australia.

This project will develop an optimisation algorithm to offer SunSPoT users recommendations about battery purchases appropriate to their circumstances and preferences.

It will model technical and economic outcomes for a range of battery and solar systems and load profiles, using different battery operation/control algorithms. Households buy batteries for a range of different reasons, including energy security and resilience and increasing their consumption of rooftop solar, and the model will account for these preferences.


Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Research areas

Renewable energy engineering, battery storage, techno-economic modelling

The student will work in a very supportive and collaborative environment, that he/she will be supervised by internationally recognized UNSW researchers in the field. Our group provides an open and friendly environment where people feel comfortable to share their opinion and show openness to the viewpoints of others.

The research will have real-world impact as the algorithm developed through the project will be incorporated into SunSPoT v3.1 and deployed across Australia.