Photoreforming is a process that utilises solar energy to activate photocatalysts for hydrogen production and at the same time organic oxidation [1]. Compared to overall water splitting, photoreforming offers a more energetically favourable pathway to directly transform renewable solar energy into hydrogen. In addition, photoreforming has the potential to simultaneously produce solar fuel and value-added chemicals. However, there have been only limited attempts to quantify the benefits of photoreforming through techno-economic feasibility analysis [2,3]. This research aims to estimate the levelized cost of hydrogen production via pilot-scale organic photoreforming under real sunlight irradiation. The findings will provide a significant basis to scale up renewable hydrogen production through photocatalysis.


Chemical Engineering

Research Area

energy conversion, photocatalysis, green hydrogen production

The student will have the opportunity to work in the Particles and Catalysis Research Group (PartCat) under the guidance of Scientia Professor Rose Amal. The student will have the access to well-equipped laboratories with experimental facilities and computational tools for photocatalysis research. The student will work in a multidisciplinary research environment and learn various functional skills to facilitate future career in academic or industry.

The student is expected to gain experience in photocatalytic activity measurements, photoreactor engineering, and techno-economic analysis. The project will also allow the student to work with other research students to gain valuable interdisciplinary experience.

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