Description of field of research:

PVSyst is the tool used by most developer to model expected yield of solar farm. Yet when it comes to bifacial modules, PVSyst often underestimates the yield of PVfarms. This is huge for developers in that they cannot capitalise on the advantage of bifacial modules as much as they would like to.

In this project you will develop advanced alternatives to PVSyst to better calculate yield from bifacial modules. You will learn a range of in-demand skills including using Sunsolve yield and python programming.


Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Research areas

Photovoltaic, Systems, Yield, Modelling, Solar

You will be part of a vibrant research group with a diverse culture.

You will perform a thorough comparison of yield based on PVSyst and Sunsolve using various assumptions. You will point out the weakness and strength of each models. There may be opportunity for publications.