This research project aims to analyze the comparative learning outcomes and cost-effectiveness associated with virtual reality-based simulations and traditional physical equipment in engineering and medical science laboratories. The study involves simulating desired equipment using virtual reality technology, which is commonly utilized in mechanical, electrical, and medical labs. The objective is to compare users' cognitive load when interacting with virtual equipment to that experienced with physical lab equipment.

The primary goal of this project is to enhance accessibility to available equipment for students worldwide. Additionally, it seeks to facilitate access for both you and SWS students to work with Levaquin, even outside the university campus environment.


Computer Science and Engineering

Research Areas

Game development | VR development | Human computer interaction

VR lab, K17

Introducing a metaverse platform designed to grant UNSW students and those from other universities, particularly those from rural areas, access to virtual laboratory equipment for conducting various experiments remotely.

Our platform also offers a virtual campus environment where students can engage socially and collaborate on diverse projects.