Description of field of research:

Distracted, drunk or tired drivers contribute to most road accidents in Australia. This project will develop new ways to analyse driver behaviour data to see if a driver is behaving erratically. We'll investigate different machine learning methods for doing this, and then apply it to real-world data. Volvo Trucks Sweden are interested in investigating this for monitoring the safety of truck drivers.

Research Area

Machine learning | Driver behaviour | Neural networks | Accident prevention

This project has been suggested by Volvo Trucks Sweden. We will be reporting our findings back to them at the end of the project, as well as meeting with them during the project to update them on our progress and ask for feedback.

We have gigabytes of driver data to analyse, covering millions of miles of driving. This is a unique opportunity to work with real-world data sets in collaboration with an industry partner.

We will meet once a week to discuss progress and decide the next steps.

  • A machine learning algorithm/structure capable of determining whether a driver is behaving erratically.
  • A report for Volvo Trucks Sweden.
Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Mechatronics
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