Engineering with impact, improving healthcare delivery around the world

February 14, 2023

Cozy Brents is the Operations Coordinator at Engineering World Health (EWH), a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that goes into low resource communities to improve global health.

Photovoltaics and solar engineering with Angela Begg

UNSW Alumni Angela Begg is a recent graduate of the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, and currently works in the Sustainable Futures Team at Lendlease. She shares her experiences studying and working in this innovative field.

Meet Sera Tarpis, a renewable engineer designing a cleaner future

Sera Tarpis completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Renewable Energy) at UNSW Sydney and worked on a uni project to design a solar powered community fridge for a remote Fijian community. Find out why she finds her work so rewarding.

What does a renewable energy future look like?

As we move towards a renewable energy future we spoke to UNSW Scientia Lecturer, Yu Jing from MERE, and asked her about the role energy engineers will play in the future and why she chose to be part of this cutting-edge industry.

Understanding our coastlines through oceanography and coastal engineering

Meet Kristen Splinter from the UNSW Water Research Lab, who spends most of her time on the Northern Beaches of Sydney - the birthplace of coastal engineering in Australia. Her work is a mix of field data and lab work and she shares some of her insights into this fascinating field with the GIE Club.

Meet the inspiring Hannah Beder, a trailblazing computer scientist

Hannah Beder studied Computer Science and graduated from UNSW Sydney in 2018. In 2020 she was awarded NSW Young Woman of the Year for her work empowering young women in the technology industry.

How Telecommunications Engineers are influencing our future!

Exciting new world-changing research in the field of telecommunications is giving us the ability to upgrade data to 6G, speeding up communication pathways and even unlocking the option for remote surgery via 6G! Meet UNSW Senior Lecturer Dr Shaghik Atakaramians who is leading the way with her cutting-edge research.

The Degree of the Future: Telecommunications Engineering at UNSW Sydney

Meet Thanchanok (Tara) Sutjarittham who studied Telecommunications Engineering at UNSW Sydney. During her studies, she worked on a wide range of hands-on engineering projects to equip her with the skills to design, test and implement telecommunications systems around the world.

Meet the UNSW Chemical Engineer using Catalysts for our Clean Energy Future

Meet Dr Emma Lovell, a UNSW Chemical Engineering Lecturer using her knowledge of chemical catalysts to turn waste energy and sunlight into clean fuel. Her research is important to help us move towards a more sustainable future.

Meet 6th-year Aerospace Engineering and Advanced Science student Keshavi

Meet Keshavi Charde, a 6th-year student at UNSW Sydney undertaking a dual degree in Aerospace Engineering and Advanced Science (Physics). Passionate about physics research and space engineering she is a self-proclaimed “massive space/physics nerd”. We asked Keshavi about her degree and what she has learnt during her time as a student at UNSW.

Power Engineering: Helping us make the switch to renewables

Australia is a great country for renewable energy generation with plenty of sun, wind, and water reservoirs. However, to reliably trump fossil fuel generation, our grid needs to be updated with more modern technologies, and the need for power engineers is greater than ever!

Women’s safety after dark: how Civil Engineering is making a difference

Meet Dr Meead Saberi Kalaee, who has worked on a project to improve the safety of women after dark.

Q&A with Surveyor Hannah Pearce

Meet Registered Land Surveyor Hannah Pearce. We asked her to shed some light on her journey to becoming a surveyor and what it is like now that she's there.

A UNSW Food Science Degree - Different by design

The theme for National Science Week 2021 is Food: Different by design. The Girls in Engineering Club picked the brains of Celeste Clayton, a student in her final year of a Bachelor of Food Science (Honours) degree at UNSW.

Engineering the very very small things: Quantum Engineering with Indi Warne

Meet Indi, a UNSW student studying quantum engineering!

Ask an Engineer: Sanmugi

Meet Sanmugi - Civil & Humanitarian Engineering student.

Ask an Engineer: Deanna Fabrello on Taekwondo

Meet Deanna - UNSW Electrical Engineering student and Taekwondo blackbelt!

Meet Dr Megan Clark AC, head of the Australian Space Agency

Read about Dr Megan Clark's story.

Q&A with Lucy Barrie #Askanengineer


Q&A with Divya Jindal – women in engineering ambassador 2019

Meet one of our 2019 Women in Engineering Ambassadors.

Q&A with Elizabeth Taylor – women in engineering ambassador 2019

Meet one of our 2019 Women in Engineering Ambassadors.

Q&A with Isabel Duffy – women in engineering ambassador 2019

Meet one of our 2019 Women in Engineering Ambassadors.

Q&A with Bel Teh – women in engineering ambassador 2019

Meet one of our 2019 Women in Engineering Ambassadors.

Q&A with Fariba Dehghani – women in engineering ambassador 2019

Meet one of our 2019 Women in Engineering Ambassadors.