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We offer a variety of research scholarships to UNSW Engineering postgraduate students. These include government and industry funded schemes and scholarships for domestic and international researchers.

UNSW Funded Scholarships

Our research students have access to multiple UNSW funded and administered scholarships. Find out more about scholarships for specific programs or research areas, their conditions and eligibility criteria.

Engineering Research Ambassador Award

The Engineering Research Ambassador Award supports highly motivated HDR students who are keen to promote the Faculty’s research throughout UNSW and the wider community with a particular focus on the undergraduate student community. They will have opportunities to establish themselves as leaders within their cohort and develop excellent communication skills.

Engineering HDR Sanctuary Scholarship

The Engineering HDR Sanctuary Scholarship has been developed to support a talented student(s), who may be an asylum seeker or refugee, undertake a higher degree in research (MPhil or PhD) at UNSW Engineering.

Home Country Scholarships

For international students, some countries offer scholarships for their citizens to undertake research degrees abroad. For more information, enquire with your home university.

We also have UNSW/Home Country Joint Scholarships, established to promote international collaboration with five other countries.