Checklist for Industrial Training

To graduate and qualify for accreditation by Engineers Australia, you must complete 60 days approved Industrial Training. This gives you real work experience in an Engineering environment. Follow our 10-step checklist below to track your progress and meet Industrial Training requirements.


i. Enrol in the UNSW Engineering Industrial Training Moodle course under ‘Self-enrolment (Student)’.

ii. Use enrolment key: Eng5tudent!

  • Writing a Successful Resume and Cover Letter
  • Interview Skills
  • Career Planning and Networking Skills
  • Workplace Behaviours
  • Industrial Training and Your Health and Safety
  • Yes – You can now submit an approval application for a placement.
  • No – Make sure you choose your school group.
  • Yes – You must gain approval prior to commencing your placement.
  • No – Refer to Types of Industrial Training and required supporting documentation.
  • Yes – You’re able to commence your placement. Remember to make an appointment with your supervisor to set the SMART goals in your Employer Evaluation Form.
  • No – Await confirmation from the Industrial Training office. You must receive approval prior to commencing your placement.
  • Yes – Make sure your days have been signed off by your Supervisor and you have received written confirmation of the days you have worked.
  • No – Set up a meeting with your Supervisor to complete the form and request written confirmation of the days you have worked.
  • Yes – You’ll be enrolled into the course ENGG4999 to submit your Final written report.
  • No – You’ll need to complete 60 days.

As soon as you receive a mark of “Satisfactory” on your report, you’ve completed your Industrial Training.