Master of Engineering Science (Manufacturing Engineering and Management) 

About Master of Engineering Science (Manufacturing Engineering and Management)  

UNSW Master of Engineering Science (Manufacturing Engineering and Management) is a two-year, postgraduate degree that integrates engineering, technology and management. It’s designed to cover a range of essential topics in product and process design, manufacture, project management and delivery. 

Manufacturing engineers are involved in all facets of production and have a broad knowledge of the design and operation of machines and systems, which means they often manage multidisciplinary teams.  

This masters defree is aimed at achieving quality, timely arrival, minimum costs and flexible manufacturing - with courses suited to those seeking management roles.   

The Master of Engineering Science promotes flexible learning as a keystone of the program. It’s designed for students who already have a four-year accredited engineering degree and who now wish to broaden their job prospects through cross training, re-training or specialisation. 

Why Study Master of Engineering Science (Manufacturing Engineering and Management)  

UNSW School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is the largest mechanical engineering school in Australia – with more than 2,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students and 90 staff members. 

We’re a leading provider of world class education and research and work closely with industry to provide innovative solutions to the sector. We place strong importance on the translation of research into practice and focus on creating the next generation of engineers and technologies. 

You’ll be nurtured to become an industry leader in your chosen field, translating research into societal, economic and environmental impacts. 

By studying at UNSW, you’ll have access to many cutting-edge laboratory facilities which are unique nationally. These include laboratories that cover acoustics and vibration, additive manufacturing, composite materials and structures, sustainable manufacturing, robotics and life cycle engineering. 

Your Career Opportunities     

Each year, our academics and research centres work with businesses, government and community organisations on specific projects to transfer our research into practice. 

In addition, we have built strong industry partnerships with companies such as Baosteel, Carbonix, Hyundai NGV, Boeing, SDI and more.  

Our goal is to make an impact that matters, such as through the ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre in Automated Manufacture of Advanced Composites. This focuses on creating high-value, high-performance composites using high-rate, high-value and error-free processes. The aim is to lower the barriers for Australian industry to access, engage, adopt and propagate advanced automated composite manufacturing innovations.