Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software)

 About Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software) at UNSW

UNSW Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software) is a four-year full-time degree for those wanting to pursue a career in the growing field of software engineering. The demand for Software Engineers is steadily growing due to an increase in mobile and healthcare apps, security software and the growing use of devices in homes and offices. Software Engineers work with processes, methods and tools to design and develop high quality, reliable software systems. They work in software specification, design, implementation, testing and documentation of software.

In this degree, you’ll go beyond computer science and coding and learn crucial engineering principles and programming languages. This degree covers all stages of software development, from implementation to testing and documentation. You’ll develop the design techniques and project management skills to solve real-world problems and build reliable, efficient software systems.

Your study will include hands-on experience and teamwork, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in collaborative workshops and industry training placements. By connecting students to academics and mentors, you’ll be prepared for a wide range of careers.

 Why Study Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software) at UNSW 

You’ll be studying at Australia’s leading engineering faculty. The latest 2020 QS World University Rankings acknowledged UNSW as the top engineering faculty in Australia and #37 in the world. For the past four years, we’ve received a five-star rating for employability, teaching and research.

The School of Computer Science and Engineering has a strong focus on research that creates new technologies. Our world-class research facilities and programs feed leading-edge discoveries straight into our degrees. Our research culture provides an intellectually rigorous education where you’ll question, test, learn and experiment, making new discoveries along the way.

  • UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering’s research is internationally recognised with 1st CSRankings in Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Embedded & Real-Time Systems and Operating Systems
  • We have a five-star rating for employability, helping to guarantee your future on graduation
  • Many lecturers within the School are world-renowned researchers in their field
  • Our School is rated five stars by the Australian Research Council for the research field of Information and Computing Sciences
  • We leverage our strong industry ties to improve our research, teaching and students’ learning
  • Our industry partners include leading companies such as Atlassian, Commbank, Google, Honeywell, Microsoft and WiseTech Global

Study Where Leading Minds Are

The School of Computer Science Engineering is a leading centre for research and innovation in the field of computer science. We’re making a meaningful contribution to businesses, government and community organisations through our breakthrough research. Partnering with CSIRO’s Data61 we’ve made critical breakthroughs in Cybersecurity using microkernels which offer increased security. These microkernels have been successfully used in Apple iOS devices, and real-world military systems, including a space satellite platform for the US Navy.

Your Career Opportunities 

Software Engineering is a rapidly growing field with demand for these talented professionals higher than ever. Any organisation that has a web or mobile presence requires professionals who are skilled in the area of software. When you complete a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software) there are many different career pathways you can take. Potential roles include:

  • Software Developer
  • Computer Applications Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Database Designer
  • Systems Architect

You can specialise in software development in areas like app or website development. Professionals work across a range of sectors including IT, Finance, Energy, Healthcare and more. There are different types of software developers depending on your skills and interest. You could work as an Applications Developer, Web Developer, Systems Developer or Embedded Systems Developer upon graduation.