Terrence Chong
Research Student

Terrence Chong

PhD Student

School of Marketing


Terrence is keenly interested in studying the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in organizational service frontlines. His doctoral research focus is on the impact of service AI and its effect on service and customer outcomes. His research also examines how businesses use humanoid chatbot to generate value for firms and customers.


Research interest:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Chatbot
  • Services marketing



  • Chong, Terrence, Ting Yu, Debbie Keeling, and Ko de Ruyter (2021). “The Challenges and Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots”, Frontiers in Service Conference. Conference Proceedings (abstract only), Online.
  • Chong, Terrence, Ting Yu (2021). “AI-Chatbots – An Emerging Form of Service Agents”, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference. Conference Proceedings (abstract only), Melbourne.


    • UNSW Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS)
    • UNSW HDR Completion Scholarship


    Teaching (Courses Taught)

    • ZZBU6513 Social Media and Digital Analytics
    • ZZBU6514 Managing Customer Analytics
    • MARK5811 Applied Marketing Research
    • MARK5816 Services Marketing Management
    • MARK2052 Marketing Research