17 Mar
6:00 pm

Brain Awareness Week is a global event which focuses on raising awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Join UNSW for an evening of brain science, hear how neuroscience helps us prepare for the future, and how it applies to the law, economics, and ethics.

Hear from Dr Jay Bertran-Gonzalez, head of the Neuromodulatory Systems & Behaviour team (NeuroModuLab), one of the founder groups of the Decision Neuroscience Laboratory in UNSW Psychology. His work looks at decision making and his talk, titled "Your brain lives in the future" will outline how the brain uses information in the present to build a virtual future, and how this is the basis for learning from and adapting to the real future.

Following audience questions for Dr Bertran-Gonzalez you will have the opportunity to pick the brains of a brain scientist in one of three focus groups, NeuroLaw, NeuroEthics or NeuroEconomics.

The evening will wind up with a fun and informative brain trivia quiz (with mediocre prizes)

Watch from the comfort of your own home, perfect for families, mates and date nights.