Affiliates and conjoints support the School of Biomedical Sciences in its core functions. They are recognised for the role they play in education and research at the university. 

Title Name Position
Dr Mohammad Abdul Salam Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Gabrielle Margaret Allen Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Dr Sabine Allida Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Fadwa Alnafjan Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Prof Craig Anderson Conjoint Professor
Dr Blake Angell Conjoint Senior Lecturer
A/Prof Clare Gabrielle Arnott Conjoint Associate Professor
Dr Senthil Arumugam Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Prof Kenneth William Ashwell Emeritus Professor
Dr Prasanthi Attwood Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Sunil Badve Conjoint Professor
Dr Sara Ballouz Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Jennifer Barraclough Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Peter Hosford Barry Emeritus Professor
Dr Monique Bax Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Desiree Ann Berry Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Amy Bestman Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Laurent Billot Conjoint Professor
Dr Claire Louise Boswell-Ruys Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Dr David Mathew Brown Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Cherylea Jane Browne Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Nicole Sarah Bryce Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Prof Elizabeth Frances Burcher Honorary Professor
Dr Peter George Burke Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Alexander Robert Burton Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Belinda Elizabeth Butcher Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Anne Alison Butler Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Jane Elizabeth Butler Conjoint Professor
Ms Anna Elizabeth Campain Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Cheryl Carcel Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Ms Sophie Grace Carter Conjoint Lecturer
Prof John Philip Chalmers Conjoint Professor
Dr Vashetharan Chandrakanthan Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Susmita Chatterjee Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Alan Chiang Conjoint Associate Lecturer
A/Prof Orin Teresa Chisholm Adjunct Associate Professor
Mr Nahian Shahmat Chowdhury Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Dr Daniel Christiadi Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Briana Clifford Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Dr Blake John Cochran Adjunct Lecturer
A/Prof Jeremy Cohen Conjoint Associate Professor
Dr Maryam Correa Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Mr Edward Norman Crawford Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Trent Davidson Conjoint Lecturer
Mr Patrick John de Permentier Honorary Lecturer
Mr Anthony Peter Delaney Conjoint Associate Professor
Dr Madhav Devalaraja Adjunct Professor
Dr Praveen Devarsetty Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Gian Luca Di Tanna Conjoint Associate Professor
Miss Rebecca Dodd Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Elizabeth Dunford Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Prof Danny Eckert Adjunct Professor
Dr Victoria Ann Elegant Adjunct Professor
Mr Alexander Charles Engel Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Dr Alar Enno Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Simon Finfer Conjoint Professor
Mr Harrison Thomas Bryce Finn Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Dr Richard Fitzpatrick Adjunct Associate Professor
A/Prof Brian Freeman Honorary Associate Professor
A/Prof Gene Yevgeny Fridman  Adjunct Associate Professor
Prof Oliver Friedrich Adjunct Associate Professor
A/Prof Janice Fullerton Conjoint Associate Professor
Dr Barrie John Gatus Conjoint Associate Professor
A/Prof Madlen Gazarian Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Parisa Glass Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Ross Stewart Grant Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Michael Green Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Maree Hackett Conjoint Professor
Prof Glenda Margaret Halliday Adjunct Professor
A/Prof Naomi Elizabeth Hammond Conjoint Associate Professor
Dr Sarah Hancock Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Katie Harris Conjoint Lecturer
Ms Rachelle Therese Hassarati Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Prof Nicholas John Hawkins Emeritus Professor
A/Prof Stewart Head Adjunct Professor
Prof Rob Herbert Conjoint Professor
Dr Martin Heroux Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark Hill Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Carinna Hockham Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Rita Horvath Conjoint Professor
Prof Cameron Rolfe Howlett Emeritus Professor
Dr Yue Huang Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Anna Louise Hudson Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Allison Humphries Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Catherine Hunter Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Jagnoor Jagnoor Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Kylie Renee James Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Prof Stephen Jan Conjoint Professor
A/Prof Meg Jardine Conjoint Associate Professor
Prof Christine Jenkins Conjoint Professor
Dr Vivekanand Jha Conjoint Professor
Dr Kevin Jia Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Dr Lakshmi K Josyula Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Freny Boman Kalapesi Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Vasanth Kamath Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Warren Kaplan Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Mustafa Kassem Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Dr Michael Kendig Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Scott Kim Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Dr David Kingston Adjunct Senior Lecturer
A/Prof Matthias Klugmann Adjunct Professor
Dr Sradha Srinivasa Kotwal Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Prof Rakesh Kamal Kumar Emeritus Professor
Mr Sanjeev Srinivas Kumar Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Monica Moses Lahra Conjoint Professor
Prof Szu-Hee Lee Conjoint Professor
Ms Sarah-Jane Leigh Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Mr Qiang Li Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Xian Li  Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Yuan Li Conjoint Lecturer
A/Prof Ruby CY Lin  Adjunct Associate Professor
Mr Yee Sing Lin Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Dr Robert Lindeman Conjoint Professor
Prof Jeffrey Lipman Adjunct Professor
Dr Hueiming Liu Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Renjing Liu Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Mr Alastair John Loutit Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Prof Eugenie Ruth Lumbers Emeritus Professor
Dr Thomas Wai Chun Lung Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Yuanqing Ma Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Dr Susan Janet MacCallum Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Stephen MacMahon Conjoint Professor
Dr Jayanthi Maniam Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Veli-Matti Marjoniemi Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Matti Marklund Conjoint Senior Lecturer
A/Prof Pallab Kumar Maulik Conjoint Associate Professor
Dr Euan James McCaughey Conjoint Senior Lecturer
A/Prof Christopher John McIver Conjoint Professor
Dr Briar Louise McKenzie Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Elspeth Mary McLachlan Emeritus Professor
Dr Penelope Motum Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Prof John Myburgh Conjoint Professor
Dr Rhoda Njeru Ndanuko Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Bruce Neal Conjoint Professor
Dr Huu Matthew Nguyen Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Prof Robyn Norton Conjoint Professor
Dr Kenneth Gek-Jin Ooi Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Anna Palagyi Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Anne Palermo Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Mr George Papadopoulos Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Ms Jasneet Parmar Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Prof Anushka Patel Conjoint Professor
Prof George Paxinos Conjoint Professor
Dr Margaret Mary Peden Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Prof David Peiris Conjoint Professor
Mr Simao Pedro Pereira Coelho Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Ms Sanne Peters Conjoint Associate Professor
Mr Jeremy Leonard Pinyon Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Jason Robert Potas Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Alison Joy Potter Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Lauriane Qin Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Rema Ramakrishnan Conjoint Lecturer
Ms Emma Rath Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Prof William Rawlinson Conjoint Professor
Dr Lee Michelle Reid Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Mr Carlo Rinaudo Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Prof Anthony Rodgers Conjoint Professor
Dr Kris Rogers Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Valentin Romanov Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Prof David K Ryugo Conjoint Professor
Dr Eugene Salole Adjunct Professor
Dr Leonardo Santos Conjoint Associate Professor
Dr Siobhan Schabrun Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Gillian Schierhout Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Prof Peter Robert Schofield Conjoint Professor
Mr Brendan Antony Shaw Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Claire Elaine Shepherd Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Mr Bennett Shum Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Lei Si Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Lily Song Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Justine Stehn Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Ling Su Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Ms Alexandra Kalyna Suchowerska Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Ms Ghazal Sultani Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Johan Sundstrom Conjoint Professor
Dr Eurwin Suryana Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Mr Brandon Mitchell Sy Conjoint Associate Lecturer
A/Prof Timothy Chiat Choon Tan Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Colman Taylor Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Peter C Taylor Conjoint Associate Professor
Dr Constantine Theocharous Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Maoyi Tian Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Ms Joanne Yin To Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Dr Claudio Toma Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Prof David James Tracey Emeritus Professor
A/Prof Joanne Travaglia Adjunct Professor
Dr Kathy Trieu Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Prof Nigel Turner Conjoint Professor
Dr Amy Vassallo Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Balasubramanian Venkatesh Conjoint Professor
Prof Phil Waite Emeritus Professor
Dr Ying Amanda Wang Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Dr Tanya Ward Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Anne-Marie Watson Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Jacqui Webster Conjoint Professor
Dr Thomas Whyte Conjoint Lecturer
Mr Arlen Wilcox Adjunct Lecturer
Prof Roger Denis Wilson Conjoint Professor
Dr Kathryn Wolhuter Conjoint Lecturer
Prof Mark Woodward Conjoint Professor
Dr Angli Xue Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Mr Max Yan Conjoint Lecturer
Dr Noel Young Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Neil Alexander Youngson Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Jie Yu Conjoint Senior Lecturer
A/Prof Puhong Zhang Conjoint Associate Professor
Dr Renee Whan  Head of BMIF