About us

The research goal of the Endocrinology & Metabolism Research Group is to understand how metabolism and body composition is regulated by hormones. Special focus is on establishing hormonal interactions in the regulation of metabolism and muscle mass, tissue-targeted hormone delivery for treatment of sarcopenia, and the use of resistance training and diabetes drugs to suppress cancer progression. We perform a wide range of body composition, energy expenditure, substrate utilization, physical capacity, muscle strength, and balance assessments. The focus is to establish a network of collaborative projects in UNSW and SESLHD in endocrine, metabolic and cancer research.

Current projects

  1. Regulation of myokine decorin secretion by growth hormone during exercise, a controlled clinical trial in patients with growth hormone (GH) deficiency and GH excess.
    Investigators: Navneeta Reddy, Mark McLean, Haleh Shahidipour, Sue Mei Lau, Jeanette Thom, Vita Birzniece.
  2. Investigating the effects of metformin on growth factors involved in prostate cancer progression in prostate cancer patients.
    Investigators: Teresa Lam, Mark McLean, Amy Hayden, Howard Gurney, Navneeta Reddy, Jan Frystyk, Vita Birzniece.
  3. Could changes in circulating maternal lipid species predict gestational diabetes and babies large for gestational age?
    Investigators: Melinda Lam, Melina Bagala, Constance Yap, Peter Meikle, Natalie Mellett, Glenn Stone, Wah Cheung, Sue Lynn Lau, Mark McLean, Vita Birzniece.


Opportunities are available for Honours, Masters or PhD candidates.


 Vita Birzniece

T:  +61-2-93850585
E:  v.birzniece@unsw.edu.au

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  • Dr Anne Poljak (UNSW Sydney)
  • Prof Richard Lindley (Blacktown Hospital)
  • Prof Howard Gurney, Dr Amy Hayden (Westmead and Blacktown Hospitals, NSW)
  • Prof Glenn Stone and Dr Birinder Cheema (WSU, NSW)
  • Prof Ken Ho (Garvan Institute); Prof Robert Baxter (University of Sydney)
  • Prof Jan Frystyk (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Prof Stephen Lord (NeuRa, UNSW Sydney)
  • Prof Bu Yeap (UWA, WA)
  • Ms Natalie Mellett and Prof Peter Meikle (Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute, VIC)
  • A/Prof Jeff Holst (UNSW Sydney)
  • Prof Jacqueline Close (NeuRA, POWH)
  • A/Prof Jeanette Thom (UNSW Sydney)
  • Dr Daina Sturnieks and Dr Yoshiro Okubo (NeuRA)
  • Dr Greg Smith (UNSW Sydney)
  • Dr Sue Mei Lau and Dr Barbara Depczynski (Department of Endocrinology, POWH)

Resources & tools

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