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Students learning in the Medicine & Health facilities at the UNSW Kensington campus

Located in the School of Population Health, general practice is a core discipline in the UNSW Medicine & Health program. 

We focus on primary care research, evaluation and postgraduate teaching and supervision, working closely with the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity

We have a network of general practitioners (GPs) who play a key role in delivering our courses and research. 

Help shape the next generation of clinicians 

Medicine students are supervised by a range of clinicians – medical, nursing and allied health professionals. Students gain real-world experience by learning in a community health setting outside of the hospital environment and contributing to a range of general practice activities.

There are several courses you can contribute to as a GP supervisor. What’s involved and the duration of teaching varies from course to course. Students can also spend time with other GPs, practice nurses, allied health and specialist staff in your practice. 

To be a supervisor, you need to be a GP in the Sydney metropolitan area or rural NSW and be practising in a fully accredited general practice. 

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The benefits of being a GP supervisor

There are many benefits to being a GP supervisor, such as equipping the next generation of doctors with the skills to deliver patient-centred care, gaining personal and professional satisfaction from contributing to the next generation of health practitioners and having the opportunity to become a conjoint titleholder which gives access to many UNSW activities and privileges. Accredited teaching general practices are also eligible for PIP payments. 

Lead of Discipline - General Practice

Head of Discipline of General Practice Joel Rhee
Head of Discipline of General Practice
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