Our research aims to improve health outcomes by preventing and managing exposures to our environments that impact health. We cover a wide array of aspects from planetary health to human behaviour as they impact the development of diseases such as heart disease and stroke, diabetes, cancer and respiratory disease.

Our goals

We work collectively towards improving health outcomes for the leading causes of death in Australia and worldwide. We do this by harnessing the strengths of our researchers who have experience and expertise in:

  • birth and pregnancy outcomes 

  • child and adolescent health 

  • multimorbidity, ageing, diet and nutrition

  • smoking, alcohol, physical activity, obesity, mental health 

  • psychosocial factors 

  • social determinants of health, health inequalities, air pollution, environmental health, green space, urban health, migrant populations 

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, eHealth, mHealth 

  • big data analytics.


Research strengths

  • Urban and environmental health

  • Blood pressure monitoring and hypertension management

  • Self-management of COPD in the context of multimorbidity

  • Diet and nutrition, physical activity and obesity

  • Mental health and psychosocial factors

  • Social determinants of health and health inequities

  • Smoking and alcohol use


Our impact

As a multidisciplinary, inclusive team with a wide range of expertise, we foster collaboration to implement real-world solutions and deliver an impact on improving population health. By partnering with hospitals, outpatient clinics, local health districts, and the community, we go beyond the status quo to develop and evaluate real-world innovations. 

Our experts