We are identifying the best ways to ensure that patients benefit from new and existing treatments and care. By developing, applying, and advancing research methodologies we support and study optimal, cost-effective ways to translate health research into practice for better health.

In collaboration with academic, health and non-profit organisations across NSW, Australia, and internationally, we also develop and deliver international behaviour change workshops and toolkits for healthcare professionals to help facilitate the translation of research evidence into practice.

Our expertise

Due to the continuous need for change and improvement as new evidence emerges, we have techniques and tools for working across all areas of health and healthcare, including genetics, genomics, and precision medicine, childhood and adult cancers, as well as cancer survivorship, and intellectual and physical disabilities.

We use implementation science to support evidence translation to ensure patients have access to optimal care, to advance the science of implementation across different contexts and conditions, and impact practice more broadly.

We specialise in: 

  • Measurement of behaviour and behavioural drivers
  • Intervention and implementation strategy design
  • Mechanisms of behaviour change and the active ingredients of intervention success
  • Consumer involvement and co-design
  • Process evaluation
  • Implementation science frameworks
  • Implementation outcomes
  • Healthcare delivery process mapping
  • Clinical audit data collection
  • Developing and trialling new models of care and models of service
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Healthcare implementation costs
  • Meta-analyses and systematic reviews
  • Training and toolkits for evidence based implementation

Our experts