Digital health and transformation are ever-present in health. Our research vision is to strengthen current tools and evidence to build an agile, efficient, and patient-centric digital health system. Our primary research work focuses on understanding and evaluating digital tools and their applications in healthcare services. We also focus our research on integrating digital tools across various levels of health systems to build capacity in training in digital health in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.

Our goals

Our interdisciplinary team focuses on understanding the use of digital tools to improve health outcomes by adopting methods-oriented research programs. Our work encompasses the entire breadth of digital components including:

  • telemonitoring and telehealth 
  • wearables 
  • informatics
  • natural Language processing and machine learning 
  • big data 
  • diagnostics and medical devices. 

We operate across several cross-cutting themes in healthcare including infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, maternal and child health, and health systems strengthening to name a few.

Research strengths

  • Evaluation of digital health tools.
  • Design and development of digital tools. 
  • Integrated digital systems.
  • Capacity building programs.
  • Maturity model assessment. 
  • Toolkit review and development.
  • Epidemic surveillance using digital systems.
  • Healthcare workforce strengthening using digital technology.

Our impact

Our team has developed and evaluated novel digital tools in improving health systems and outcomes. Our partnerships with global researchers have enabled us to make an impact at scale. Our partnerships with agencies such as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Digital Health has ensured we deliver valid solutions for context and settings.

Our experts